Welcome to the Lipstick Revolution

Welcome to the Lipstick Revolution, we are so glad you are here!

Building Esōes has been such a roller coaster from developing the smart safety lipstick concept in October 2021, to getting it into your hands just 20 months later!

How did we create it?
We brought together an over 80% female + survivor led team of attorneys, scientists, engineers, software developers, artists, advisors, investors, partners, and manufacturers!

This company is a love letter to those we have lost, to the pain of violence that so many of us have experienced, and it’s our chance to take back our power, our safety, and our freedom! And we’re doing all of that with drunk girl bathroom energy! You know, the energy that encourages you to fix a babes makeup at the sink, tell her to leave the jerk of a date she’s with, and make sure there’s no toilet paper on her shoe on the way out!

Out with the drama, jealousy, and cattiness and in with the DGBE!

We’re so excited to have you here for phase 2 of our lipstick revolution - our product delivery!

We’re ready to hear all of your feedback on our very first patent-pending safety lipstick + app & we can’t wait to link arms as we build a safer word together!